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Tratamiento de fisioterapia y osteopatía

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in Adults

From a holistic perspective and taking into account the history of that patient, the aim is to reach the origin of the problem and improve the pathology. For this, techniques such as:

- Visceral Treatment

- Cranio-Sacral Treatment

- TMJ treatment

- Sports physiotherapy

- Dry Puncture

Conjunto de alimentos para una buena alimentación segín la nutrigenómica

Nutrigenomics applied to musculoskeletal health

In many pathologies, the origin of the problem comes from the digestive system. By improving nutrition, we achieve a chemical change in the body that allows us, together with physiotherapy and osteopathy, to make the problem disappear

Gimnasio de rehabilitación y entrenamiento funcional de Imbernon Fisioterapia y Osteopatía

Functional Exercise and Pilates

Through exercise, the aim is to finish recovering some injuries and prevent their appearance in healthy people. To do this, it seeks to improve body awareness and posture.

tomados de la mano

Clinical Psychology: Learn Emotional Management Tools and Health Improvement

Knowing yourself better and managing your emotions will help you release stress, relax, improve your rest and give your best.

Emotional non-management accumulates in the body producing physical (psychosomatic) symptoms. Learning to deal with some feelings such as guilt, resentment or knowing how to forgive and forgive yourself (among others) therefore helps to improve general health.

By integrating therapies, the necessary knowledge and tools are provided to be able to effectively self-manage emotions and avoid dependence on the therapist.

In all psychology options, there is 30 'free to be able to solve doubts and get to know each other (in person or by video call)

Muñecos para tratamiento de fisioterapia y osteopatía en recién nacidos, bebés y niños y niñas

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in Pediatrics

Newborns, babies and children. At this age, preventing pathologies and solving those that exist is crucial for the correct development of the body. Infant colic, plagiocephaly, the beginning of scoliosis and some digestive problems are some of the main reasons to take care of the little ones

Niña en terapia

Neurological technology for the release of traumatic emotional memories

Sometimes our brain faces emotionally very intense moments and goes into shock at not being able to process them.  

Duels, infidelities, disappointments, breakups, etc., are situations that break brain synchrony and stun the mind, either temporarily or permanently. Here, it is very difficult to self-manage experiences and it is necessary to use neurological tools for synchronizing the cerebral hemispheres.

There are times when the problem is masked and a false sense of balance is witnessed, but each time something reminds us of the bad experience, painful emotions come back hand in hand with physical ailments (abdominal pain, dizziness, anxiety, etc.).

This type of technique allows an emotionally traumatic experience to be managed in fewer sessions, allowing the patient to save time and money.


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